Thankful for……..honeysuckle!


My honeysuckle

We woke to no air conditioner this morning. The fan gave out some time yesterday but with most of the family here and three of them being hot little boys running in and out we didn’t notice the house being overly hot……until this morning.

So, hubs tells me he will fix it when he gets home tonight………….wait for it……….yes, I made a face that was not pleasing to see by my sweet, sweet man. He was doing the best he could at 5:30 in the morning. I said I was sorry and I understood he couldn’t fix it right now but the thought of being without all day got the best of me. Like I had to tell him this!

So my solution was to work in my front yard which was in the shade for the morning and it was much cooler outside then in. I knew after being outside sweating the house would feel cooler or so I hoped. I got a good start on some projects that I have been putting off for a week or so now. We have the greatest, oldest trees on our block and so the most leaves! All over the yard!

Like a lot of leaves…..all…..over…..the…!

As I was working I could smell my honeysuckle flowers and they smelled amazing. They are in full bloom and are in abundance. It is the biggest I have ever grown! I had a jasmine die over the cold winter and replaced it today with another honeysuckle. I am looking forward to it being as lush as it’s partner on the other side of the walk way.

What all this made me think about was finding something to be thankful for. I was a bit sour (and when I say a bit…well you probably already know) this morning realizing I would be without an air conditioner all day. I know some don’t have air conditioning and get by just fine but I am accustomed to a cooler house and I am a bit spoiled….so……yeah I want it now!

Okay, back to being thankful! I was thinking about working in the house and not having ac and being grumpy and so decided to go outside and work. I smelled the flowers and it made my day. Changed my whole outlook. I am grateful for the little things in my life. I am blessed beyond my imagination. I try hard every day to thank my Lord and Savior for the little things. I usually thank Him for our home and heat and cool air and electricity and running water and all the things we take for granted every day. I think I forgot to be thankful yesterday for cool air! Not gonna forget that again!

You have heard the story, take your troubles and put them in a bag and toss them in a room with everyone else’s and then pick a new one, you will be wanting your own trouble back pretty quick. I know for me this is true. I have no air conditioner today. My aunt buried one of her sons on Thursday. Another aunt buried her husband about 6 weeks ago. A friend buried her 22 year old daughter about 6 weeks ago. I can live without air conditioning for a day just to keep my own burdens.

Life is tough. No one ever said it would be easy. We have to make the best of what we have. Do the best with what we are given. Love life and live it to the fullest!

I hope you stop today and smell the flowers and are thankful for what you have been given.


Live thankful,



P.S. no baby, yet! Still waiting!