I cry because its Thanksgiving

As I sit here this morning pondering life……….I wonder where did the time go?

Where are the young children I raised?

Why are they gone from my home?

Why can’t I get them all in one place together more then once a year?

Why? Why? Why?

Why do they grow up and leave home to make their own lives?

Oh, yeah, that is what we raised them to do. Doesn’t mean I have to like it one little bit! Because I DON’T! Okay, okay, I ❤ my grandsons and my kids had to grow up and lead their own lives for me to have them! So, I am okay with them doing what we raised them to do.

I ❤ the Holidays! Its my favorite time of year. Especially now with 5 amazing grandsons to spoil. But I miss my babies being, well babies! I was thinking about Thanksgiving dinners at my mom’s house. It was so much fun! She always made more food then we could ever eat in day. So, we showed up for days and ate and ate and ate…..until we couldn’t walk! The ‘good ole days’!

That is what I am missing this Eve of Thanksgiving. The times when we loaded up and made the 5 mile drive to see my parents and siblings! Yeah, we lived close so we could go over for days and keep eating. But more importantly we hung out with family. We played games. We ate, too much. We laughed. Did I mention we ate……a lot?!?! We watched football. We made memories.

I miss those days when my kids were younger. When we had complete control….or so we thought, right?! They didn’t have a choice but to go with us. They didn’t have a car or money!

Most of all I miss spending time with my mom and step-father. We laid him to rest 2 and a half years ago. I know my sweet momma misses him every day. I think of him more often during the holidays when we would have been together more. But he was an amazing man and is missed daily.

Life goes on and we make new memories with new family members and our circle starts over with us as the new center. But it is hard to let go of the past and move into the future. I miss many things about the past but I look forward to so many more great things in the future.

I pray this Thanksgiving Holiday you find great happiness and make grand memories that you will look back on fondly. May peace rule your days and hope find you often and all your dreams come true and love never find you wanting!

Happy Thanksgiving,


I AM Blessed!






My sweet Bella porch sitting with me in her own chair




As I sat and watched the rain fall on Saturday morning, I was reminded of how truly blessed I am. Not because it rained, although that is a blessing. But because I have an amazing husband who loves me for me. Which is asking a ton some days. And children who love me and honor me as their mother. We have our issues but as a family we ROCK!

I was porch pondering, which is what I like to do on a nice slow rainy day.

I think about life and what it offers.

I have everything I could ever need or want and then some.

I do have an amazing husband. He loves me unconditionally. With ALL my faults and quirks! We have a great marriage. We don’t do everything right but we do a lot right and pray through the rest.

I have 6 super kids. I gave birth to 3 of them and then they married some pretty amazing people. All of them love the Lord, which makes this momma happy. They are good, kind, caring, giving, young-adults.

I have 4 of the cutest, most amazing grandsons in the whole entire world! And one more due any day now! Just ask me and I will tell you more then you ever wanted to know about them. I just can’t shut up when it comes to talking about my grandsons. They are the BEST!

I would consider myself a blessed woman.

I read part of an article the other day and it was talking about being blessed and how we as a society use that term way too much. I agree. We do. Just like we use the term “I love…..” too much. We love everything from tastes to feelings to colors to cars and all things in between. I am as guilty as anybody. I love so much in my life. So, I use those words carefree and, yes, maybe, carelessly sometimes.

I think we all agree all blessings come from our Heavenly Father. All good things come from God.

The article talked about us making God out to be some wish granter in the sky. I am blessed because: my children are beautiful; my husband is handsome; my wife is gorgeous; my house is beautiful; my life is perfect; my grandchildren are smart; my job is perfect; my friends are amazing and the list goes on and on. I don’t think God is up there granting our every wish and making our lives perfect. He wants us to submit to His will for our life. He wants us to love what He loves and hate what He hates. It is that simple. But, yet, so hard.

Our challenge in Sunday School this week is to soul search for what God has called you to be in your own life.

What is it that He wants for you?

What does He want from you?


I think if we can answer these questions then we will truly know what it means to be BLESSED.

Be Blessed



This is a re-post from a few years ago. I felt it was worth repeating.
What a great word, Simplify. 
What does it mean exactly? 

Well Merriam-Webster on-line says this:
a : to reduce to basic essentials 
b : to diminish in scope or complexity 

For my life this is a very elusive word! I wish it wasn’t. But it is. I try almost on a daily bases to keep in mind this word, Simplify. I want a simple life. I think back to when my kids were small. Life, when looking back, was very simple. What happened?!?!? 

When the kids are little, you don’t think your life is easy or simple. You are worrying about their future. What will they grow up to be? How will you pay for their college education? Will they follow Jesus? Will they marry the right person? Will they be happy? Will they give you grandchildren?!??!?!?!? Those are the BEST!!!! Worth waiting for!!!!

God doesn’t want us to worry or stress about anything in life:
Matthew 6:25-27
“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? (NIV)

Later in life as they grow up and set out on their own, you wish you could go back to the “simple” things in life, when they were little. Boy, oh, boy! How the world changes. I have figured out some things to do to “simplify” life. Now, you will notice I didn’t say things I do well, just things I have noted would make life easier. 

Are you one of those people who doesn’t know how to tell people “NO”? That is a great start. Pick and choose how you spend your time. Are you giving more than you should to everything in your life? We can give to so many around us that we only give a mediocre effort into many things. Narrow down what you give your time to and you will give a more quality effort. Yes, you will disappoint a few people, some will even get angry about your telling them no, but in the end it’s your life and your time you are trying to get under control! So, you get to make the call!

I also think of the social media age we are living in. Our children (and grandchildren and ourselves for that matter) have so many things to do that doesn’t require other people to be around! We can sit down at a computer or ipad or kindle or ipod or anything else you can think of, and not move for hours! That may seem simple but what toll does that take on the family unit? Do you have dinner together at least once a week as a family? Do you turn off the television and put away the phones and share a meal and family time to reconnect? If you don’t, I highly recommend that you try it at least once a week and then try to work up to several times a week. Find out what is going on in each others lives. You might find out something about your kids you didn’t already know!  And maybe even some things you really didn’t want to know!

It’s hard and there are so many things we can justify as important in our lives, that keep us from slowing down and smelling the roses!  You have to determine for yourself and your family if you really want to “Simplify” your lives. I for one am choosing to slow down and smell the roses. My grandsons LOVE to smell the roses!

It’s time to re-prioritize our lives! Slow down! Sit on the porch a spell! Get to know yourself again!  You could discover some old interest that you have forgotten about. Oh, wait that would cause more doing! OK, now I must go prioritize my life! Just remember to enjoy your life and don’t fill it up with “stuff”! Don’t look up and realize your kids are grown and doing their own “things”, without you! 

SIMPLIFY NOW! It will pay off in the long run!

What do you need to simplify in your life? Please, share in the hopes of helping others with their own “things”. Then put it into practice and check back and let us know what is working and whats not.

Live simply,


How to “hide” veggies in their food!

Do you have trouble getting family members to eat their vegetables? Most moms do when it comes to their kids. While others have picky husbands. I know my husband would not pick up spinach or sweet peppers and eat them on his own. But in this recipe he asks me to add the sweet peppers!


It is really a very simple breakfast (or whenever meal) to make. It is what I would call a non-traditional omelet. I say it is non-traditional because it is not flat nor pretty like omelets I have been served in restaurants. I actually think it is better. I don’t add any grease to the skillet, you cook in the bacon grease. I like it best when the edges get crisp and crunchy.

What you will need:



*eggs (I use 2 eggs per person)

*bacon (I use 2-3 slices of bacon per person)

*spinach, sweet peppers or other veggies you have on hand (chopped)

salt and pepper

I start by cutting the bacon into bite size pieces and frying in the skillet. You need to cook it until it is done the way you like your bacon. I prefer a bit more crisp than my husband so I find a happy medium so we are both happy.

While it is cooking cut up your veggies and add to the skillet with the bacon. The veggies will cook up soft and have bacon flavor!

YA! for bacon flavor!


I break the eggs into a bowl and scramble them with salt and pepper before pouring into the bacon and veggies.


Once you get the bacon/veggies cooked to your liking, add the eggs.


I let it flow into the bacon/veggies before I move it around.


I use the spatula and mix it a bit to get it spread out into the skillet. Lift the edge of the “omelet” gently to let some of the egg flow under to cook evenly. Before I flip it in half I add any other ingredients here. My husband likes his spicy so (on his half) I add crushed red peppers. You can add cheese or any other toppings you would like.

I then fold it over to close it up and let it cook a few minutes longer. I press down on it so any uncooked egg squeezes out and cooks. I flip it once to make sure it is cooked good on both sides. I cut it in half while cooking to make it easier to handle.


When you remove it lay it on a paper towel to absorb some of the grease.

Put on a plate add some fresh fruit, orange juice or milk and breakfast is served. It takes about 15 minutes start to finish.

I hope you will see your kids eat it as quick as my grandsons do. They love it!

Let me know what you try and what works for your kiddos.

Enjoy life,



*The bacon I use is uncured. I use organic vegetables and fruits. I use grass-fed meats whenever possible. I use organic free-range eggs. It is sometimes hard to find organic, grass-fed, and free-range anything but do your best to find the best. It is better for you and your family.