It’s a Granna thing…….


Granna and grandson #4!

What does it mean to be a grandmother?

If you look it up in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it reads:


noun \ˈgran(d)-ˌmə-thər\

: the mother of your father or mother

But is that all it means? I think NOT!

For me being a Granna (that is what I go by!) is so much more then being the mother of the mother.

We were at the hospital when our first grandson was born. We could see the door to the room but not hear anything. We were outside another doorway and not permitted any closer. At one point they had a bit of an emergency. All we could see were more hospital personnel pouring into the room. No word to the family waiting anxiously outside the hall if all was okay or not. It took them 20-30 minutes to tell us baby had arrived and both were doing good. My tears turned joyful at that point!

Seeing him for the first time was pure JOY! I was a GRANNA!

Fast-forward a few years and we are at the hospital again for grandson #2. I was actually in the room this time. When our daughter started having breathing problems the head nurse yelled “get the mother out of here!”. I was ushered down a hallway a lot farther from this grandson then the last. I waited even longer this time and I was alone. Grandpa was at home with our first grandson. So, here I was in a hospital waiting room in the middle of the night all alone, worried that my daughter and grandson might not make it. It was probably an hour before I saw our son-in-law and found out all was well. More tears!

Holding grandson #2 was as AMAZING as the first time! I was getting good at this GRANNA thing!

Grandson #3 was born in his parents bedroom in the wee hours of the morning (on purpose – home-birth). We got the call late into the night that if we wanted to be there for the birth we better get over there. We did! It was the most peaceful experience I had ever been a part of. At least as births go. It was the first time our daughter had peace giving birth. Praise music was playing softly when we arrived. The big brothers were still sleeping. The midwife was calm and very competent. It was just a great experience. She had pain which is to be expected when you are pushing another human out of your body. But over all it was peaceful. He arrived in a pool of water. We didn’t know what he was until birth. To say I was disappointed it was another boy would be the truth for a split second. Then I laid eyes on my sweet #3 and my heart was his. And it pretty much has been ever since. He and I have a bond that I didn’t have with the other brothers. Not the same anyway.

Holding grandson #3 was pure BLISS! Bring on the boys! This GRANNA can handle it!

Two years later we are in the bedroom again waiting on grandbaby #4. Not sure what this one is either. High hopes for a girl! The whole atmosphere was peaceful again. Big brothers are sleeping. #3 is walking around wondering what is going on. He kisses mommy in between contractions. Such a sweet baby, that one! Praise music is blasting throughout the house. Our daughter is in the pool when we arrive. She hasn’t started pushing, yet. She is hurting. To be expected. She is hurting a lot. I’m not gonna lie, this momma was crying watching her baby in so much pain. It was a very emotional time. I did a lot of praying as I watched her get closer to pushing. Through it all her amazing husband was right there with her. Soothing her. Caressing her. Loving her. It was wonderful to be a part of it again. Then baby #4 arrived and HE was perfect. There is nothing like seeing your grandbaby immediately after birth.

Swaddling grandson #4 for the first time MELTED my heart. I ❤ being a GRANNA!

So with the definition of being a grandmother in my mind, I say, HOGWASH! That is not a definition.

My definition is this:

Grandmother: someone who possesses a warm heart, open arms; more love than she can express; more joy then she can contain; grateful to be called grandmother; worrier; crier; prayer warrior; baby holder; lover of her family

It is not easy being the grandmother some times. We want to tell our children how to raise those little people they give birth to. After all we already did and they turned out pretty good…right??!??! But it is not our place. We had our chance. Now they get to make the same mistakes……I mean try to raise God following, fun-loving, crazy, happy babies!

We all have to live and learn.

The circle of life.

Our 5th GRANDSON is due in about 2 weeks. I know without a doubt I am equipped to love another boy as much as I love the first 4! God is so good to me. I am truly blessed! And I have another daughter that hasn’t even started having babies, yet! Bring ’em on!

So you go be a good grandmother and make some cookies for those sweet babies. Just don’t tell their momma!

Live on,


Childhood memories


My potato plant

I had some potatoes that were “growing” in the pantry. You know when they get those eyes coming out all over because they are old and you should have thrown them out a few weeks ago or cooked them? I put a few in water, just like when we were kids, in a cup with three toothpicks stuck in them at an angle so they would be down in the water and put them in the window. Two rotted and stunk up the place! And when they sprouted (I did a happy dance!), I put them in dirt. I have three potato plants growing in my flower garden. I have seen potato plants they grow and sell in stores and I figured I could give it a try. I like the ones in the stores because of their light green coloring but mine are a different variety. Not sure what they grow theirs from. Mine are organic russets, of course.

But that is really not what this post is about…okay a little bit it is. Look at that plant! I grew a potato plant from ………well a potato!

It’s fun to be reminded of childhood.

What do you remember from your childhood that you would like to relive?

Swinging so high you thought you might flip over the bar of the swing set?

Or swinging high enough to jump out and actually feel like you are flying? I was always afraid of breaking my arm!

Riding your bike at top speed and letting go of the handle bars?

Riding the merry-go-round at the park? I had motion sickness issues…..still do….no go-rounds for me!

Staying out until the street lights came on? And still playing until your parents called you home?

Catching fireflies? I have never seen one but others say they exist, so I will go with that. I would like to see one some day.

Catching tadpoles? Watching those tadpoles turn into tiny frogs? They are so dang cute!

Climbing the cherry tree and eating until you are stuffed? Or peach tree? Or plum tree? Or apple tree?

Fishing without a care in the world?

Climbing into a tree house?

Having a game of baseball with the other kids on your block?

Hearing the ice cream truck a few blocks away and running into the house for money?

Jumping out of bed on Saturday morning to watch “Saturday Morning Cartoons”? When cartoons were still funny!

What are some of the things you remember? Did you have a special place in your neighborhood that you hung out with your friends? Who’s house was the house on the block where all the kids hung out? Did you have a curfew?

The old sitcoms remind me of what life used to be like. Times were lean but we didn’t know it. We had food on the table, clothes on our backs and we were loved. We didn’t need anything else.

Go out there and try your hand at something from your past. But if you break your arm “flying” out of a swing, don’t come blaming me. You know you are too old for that kind of behavior! You might want to stick with the ice cream truck!

What are you waiting for?

Live lively,
~ Sabrina